Are there limits on what I can raise on DonorSee?

Great news, there is no limit to what you can raise on DonorSee!

Sometimes, when I’m talking with new Partners they are a bit confused by exactly what limits DonorSee has. Below are the details on exactly what sort of technical and strategic perimeters exist for DonorSee Partners. You can post as many projects under $500 as you want. You can also occasionally post Large Projects but there is no cap to what you can raise – and no minimums. Read on for all the “small print.” (Which we made as large as we could.)

Post as many <$500 projects as you want

DonorSee is unique in that you can post as many projects under $500 as you want. We suggest you aim to have diversity of project size to appeal to as many donors as you can. Some donors will want to give $150 to bring the project goal to half. Others might want the satisfaction of contributing the final $10 to a larger project. And, some might to completely fund a $500 project to transform a life.

We never want to limit the impact you can have! If you see a qualified need in your community, go ahead and post it to DonorSee! We’ve found that the cap of $500 helps keep projects manageable and centered on the needs of a single recipient. Giving to individuals or their families is at the core of DonorSee’s philosophy of effective altruism. We are people, helping people, help people.

One Large Project at a time

Sometimes, you will encounter a need that is simply too large to break into smaller components. Or be faced with a project that needs to be funded in it’s entirety to be effective. We want you to aim high for what you can do in your community!

At any time, you can post one Large Project in excess of $500. It can be as small as $505 or as large as $10,000 The goal is to allow you to champion a larger campaign on your profile and in front of some donors who are looking to give larger amounts.

If you want to post a Large Project, either fill out this form or reach out to your Partner Coordinator. As we help promote Large Projects, we also help in the creation process. (Note: We generally suggest you wait until you’ve successfully raised 5 smaller projects to help establish trust and a donor base before tackling a larger project.)

No Funding cap

There is no cap to the total amount you raise on DonorSee. There is no annual limit, no cap on the total amount you can be raising at any time, and no cap to the maximum gift size. Because of this, we highly suggest you keep your eyes peeled for people you can help in your community.

We’ve had donors who’ve raised over $120,000 through DonorSee. They’ve done this with hundreds of small projects and with thousands of small gifts. DonorSee is designed to help you share stories and resonate with your community and other users of DonorSee.

No Project cap

There is no maximum or minimum cap to the number of Projects you can run at any one time. We suggest you always have 3 to 7 active projects at once to make the most of DonorSee.

Aim to aways have 3 open projects able to receive funds. Fewer than 3 projects limits the amount of gifts you can receive. We’ve had donors chose to donate $100s to close out a number of projects – and you wouldn’t want to miss out on their donations. And, you don’t want a donor coming to your page only to discover all your projects are funded.

We suggest you work on 7-10 projects at a time. Many more than that and your older projects will get buried. You also run the risk of overwhelming your donors with too many options. DonorSee has many anti-fatigue built into its design but you can still create some paralysis if you have dozens of active projects. Donors like to ‘shop’ around for projects that speak to them. Having a variety of stories, project types, project amounts, and projects that are new/close to being finished is great. This helps you activate donors.

No minimum

Just like there is no maximum in how much you can raise with DonorSee, there is no minimum. Are you no longer in the field? Did you successfully fund all the needs in your community? That’s OK. When you are ready to raise funds, we would be delighted to help – no hard feelings!

Still got questions? Reach out to your Partner Coordinator so we can help.

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