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How does Stripe Work?

This is an article to answer some common questions DonorSee Partners have about Stripe — what it is, how it works, and how to get your account set up. What is Stripe? Stripe is a digital payment processor. They are a bit like PayPal in that they help people pay and accept credit cards over …

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How to leave a review on DonorSee

Reviews are powerful indicators of trust in the DonorSee community. The more reviews a profile has, the greater its legitimacy on the platform, and the more likely new donors are to give! As a donor, your feedback is of critical importance. Although leaving a review is purely optional, doing so is a good idea. Reviews impact the …

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What makes DonorSee unique

There are many fundraising platforms out there. But, they are not all equal. DonorSee has three unique characteristics that help you connect with donors like never before. DonorSee is Deeply Personal DonorSee is deeply oriented around individual people. It’s designed for each project to feature a single named recipient. When a donor gives on DonorSee, …

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Make each post standout

Every post on social media can have an incredible impact. It’s not simply luck that determines which posts will flop or which will generate a lot of interest. There are proven tactics that increase engagement and help you stay relevant to your followers. Are your social media posts about DonorSee following best practices? This is …

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Creating videos that inspire action

Asking for support can be difficult, especially in the context of contemporary fundraising. Today, video dominates marketing channels, enabling us to engage in new and creative ways. Our goal at DonorSee is to help you create video content that inspires action. We work to demystify donor engagement by equipping you with the tools and training …

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Tips for resuming work after lockdowns

Covid-19 lockdowns have been tough. They’ve disproportionately hurt the most vulnerable in our communities and have massively disrupted relief efforts. Each nation, community, and individual has experienced different challenges due to the lockdowns. Malawi never implemented lockdowns while other countries are still restricting activity. Some medical projects have been able to continue while other education …

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