3 Ways To Maximize End Of Year Giving

Here are three simple ways to help spread the word about your DonorSee projects. Try 2 or all three of these strategies for maximum impact!

1. Post on social media three times

Set 3 dates in December to post on social media and ask for donations. Use phrasing to remind people about the end of the year. For example: “Make your end-of-year gift today by supporting our project for [recipient’s name]: donorsee.com/12345

People want to be generous at this time of year. By clearly asking for donations, you are helping them use social media for some good! Be sure to include a link in your bio or post so they can find your projects on DonorSee. (Here’s a How To for Facebook)

2. Send two email newsletters to your supporters

We suggest you send at least 2 emails as it’s a busy season and people might miss one. People have signed up to be on your email list so they can receive updates about your work and needs. Briefly summarize your goals for the season and ask supporters to give or help share your projects.

Include the phrase “End-of-Year Giving” to help remind people to give while they still can. If applicable, also mention that donations will be tax deductible. Don’t forget to include a link to your DonorSee profile (or Large Project)!

3. Make a personal appeal

Film a brief and authentic video of you speaking directly into the camera asking for donors to give to your projects. People trust you and will often pay attention to a direct appeal.

Jennie recently did an excellent job with this. Using Instagram stories, she took a minute to ask supporters to follow her page, and shared that she’s posting daily about new families that need help. By speaking into the camera and from the heart, she helped connect on a really personal level.


All three of these strategies build on each other – and are best if you start working on them now!

Need help? If you need help implementing any of these strategies, just ask! Your Partner Coordinator would be happy to help.

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