How To Maximize Your EOY Campaign on DonorSee

Did you know?

✅ 50% of all giving is done in the last 3 months of the year

✅ 35% of that is in December

That is why it is so important to have an End of Year (EOY) campaign. At DonorSee we amplify your fundraising efforts. 

What DonorSee is Doing for EOY Campaigns

This year we are going to be promoting year end campaigns by spending more than we ever have on digital marketing. We will also be heavily promoting our Staff Picks page and even including them on 

That means you want to make sure that most of your new projects are Staff Pick eligible so that you get the most exposure for November and December. 

Why Use DonorSee for Your EOY Campaigns

  • Build a lasting relationship with your donors that goes beyond this campaign.
  • Having a uniformed campaign (using mainly DonorSee) will keep your donors focused and more likely to give more.
  • You will be provided with personalized expert support from the DonorSee team.
  • Your projects will be promoted heavily during our end-of-year campaign.

How to Maximize Your EOY Campaign On DonorSee

Recently, we have seen that partners who post more, raise more. To maximize your EOY campaign we suggest posting MANY small projects throughout November and December. You definitely don’t want a donor coming to your profile and seeing that you have no open projects. You want to give them many opportunities to be a part of the stories of those you impact most through your work.

Social media campaigns using DonorSee projects are also very effective for EOY campaigns. Your donors are looking for creative ways to give and helping them be connected to individual stories during the holiday season is the perfect way to help them give with meaning. 

You can use holiday campaigns like Giving Tuesday (Nov 30) and Christmas (Dec 25) to post often on social media and encourage donating. Post your new projects or even post the link to your profile to encourage your donors to give to the story of their choosing. 

We suggest making a content calendar for your EOY social media posts. You can use sites like to help you schedule those posts. 

Donors WANT to give right now so don’t be shy in posting and sharing your projects. 

Project Ideas

We suggest continuing posting the projects that you normally post while also sprinkling in some EOY specific projects. Here are some ideas.


The Holiday season is the time for giving to and surprising our loved ones. You can post a project for just that. Surprise your team with a Christmas meal, a new phone to film DonorSee projects on, or even just post a project to give an individual a gift. 

These types of projects also make excellent follow up videos if you document the surprise!

Christmas/Holiday Themed

The stat that 35% of all giving is done during December shows that the Holiday season is marked by generosity. You can compel donors to give to projects by simply making them holiday themed.

Prepare for 2022

EOY campaigns are the perfect way to save up funds for the new year. You can post a project for specific areas in your work that you need funding for in the next year. You would be posting follow-ups throughout the year for a project like this, which would be an excellent way to connect your donors to the work you are doing throughout 2022.

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