Everything You Need To Know About Relationship and Sharing Volume

In this article, I will explain what Relationship and Sharing Volume are, how they work, why they are important, and how you can use them to maximize your use of DonorSee.

What Is Relationship Volume?

Relationship Volume is the amount of donations that you raise on DonorSee because of relationships you have built with donors.

What Is Sharing Volume?

Sharing Volume is the amount of donations that you raise on DonorSee because of sharing you have done on social media and in your newsletters.

How Does Relationship Volume Get Tracked?

Your “Donation Volume” is the total amount of donations you have raised every month. Your “Relationship Volume” is the amount of donations you have received because of donor relationships you have built on DonorSee. These can be relationships you had with donors before joining on DonorSee or relationships you have built with donors that you met through our platform. Here is exactly how we track relationship volume:

How it works: Any donor that “follows” you on DonorSee will have all their donations to you counted toward your Relationship Volume.

How Does Sharing Volume Get Tracked?

How it works: Any donor that lands on your project or profile page directly from a link you share, a newsletter, email, etc., and gives to any of your projects in the same session will count as Sharing Volume.

Why Are Relationship and Sharing Volume Important?

The magic of DonorSee is that we are a platform that helps you build excitement and community around the on-the-ground work you are doing internationally. Our goal is not to just get you once-off donors, but rather to help you attract loyal supporters who want to regularly support your amazing work.

Fundraising becomes much easier when you start to attract a few faithful supporters who are invested in your work.

Relationship and Sharing Volume makes it clear whether or not you are growing in faithful supporters every month, or if you are struggling to build those relationships. When the relationship isn’t there, you have to continue working every month to find new supporters to raise the same amount. When the relationship is there, it starts to become predictable how much you can raise and grow.

Furthermore, those who best capture Relationship Volume are the types of Partners that best exemplify the community-centric nature of DonorSee. Because of that, we will work hard to promote the projects of Partners who are capturing the most Relationship Volume.

And you will need Sharing Volume to create multiple touch points with your donors so that your DonorSee profile and projects are appearing in front of them from multiple angles. It is also how you begin new relationships with your donors that have the possibility to go much deeper.

How To Maximize Relationship and Sharing Volume?

Ultimately, you will have to keep a close eye on your Relationship and Sharing Volume (which can be found in your “Grow” tab) and figure out what is working. Your Partner Coordinator would also like to help you find ways to maximize these metrics, so please reach out to them.

Here are some ideas to help you start building relationships right away:

  1. Regularly share your DonorSee projects on social media and in emails to supporters (make sure these shares are actually converting to real donations)
  2. Post excellent follow-up videos that provide your donors with gratitude and relief that they chose to support you (read this twice – a great follow up video can tie a donor to you for years to come)
  3. Get more followers by asking for them on social media and in emails to supporters
  4. Ask donors to follow you in your follow-up video

These are just to get you started! For a full guide to some of the very best sharing examples, click here.

Bottom Line

We are now tracking how much value you are adding to our platform by building a loyal and faithful community around your work. In return, we are eager to promote those Partners who are most successful at building these communities. In other words, focus on increasing your Sharing and Relationship Volume, and we will focus on increasing your overall donation volume. Let’s continue working together!

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