Everything You Need to Know About Social Sharing

Sharing your DonorSee projects and profile with your existing networks is essential to being a successful DonorSee Partner. Our donor network loves giving to projects that have a lot of traction. By sharing your projects with your existing supporters, you help people who know you to give social proof to people that don’t know you that your projects are worth supporting. On top of all that, this type of sharing helps build even deeper connections with people you already know by giving them a way to feel involved in your work! Not sure where to start? Here are some of the best examples, tips, tricks, and ideas of how to share your DonorSee projects.

DonorSee Partnership Announcements:

Since you have to film, fund, and follow-up on your first two projects, here are some beautiful examples announcing a DonorSee Partnership:

These Facebook posts are clear, visually engaging, and have an immediate call-to-action. In the second example, Sixty Feet uploaded their video directly, meaning their viewers are instantly engaged with the content, as it’s hard to scroll past a moving video! (You can read this blog for a guide to do that.)

Project Sharing:

Sharing individual projects is a great way to get your donors engaged in your work. We find that DonorSee donors don’t like to budget, they like to be moved by the need in front of them – so don’t limit their generosity!

These are just two of dozens of examples of donors being thrilled to engage with a real need. Both projects were funded within 24 hours of these posts. While we’re at it, look how thrilled this donor is to be able to engage with the Partner in this way…

Updates and Follow Requests:

Even though DonorSee projects are so engaging they resist donor fatigue, you still don’t want to be posting requests all the time. Your donors care about you and your life as well. Here is an example of an update a Partner did on her family that linked to an ask – an ask which resulted in 109 new followers!

Other Creative Shares:

These are two great examples of a Partner engaging their audience. In the first, The Street Life announces a new project in a way that creates curiosity and drives people to their DonorSee profile. The second post shows a glimpse into their work and the impact the donors had on Wiilo’s life, but still offers a way to get involved by linking to more projects just like this one. Now that’s a great share!

Themed Projects:

This idea helps to generate projects as well as shares. Father’s Day? How about a project benefitting a dad in your community? International Toilet Day? Here’s a Partner posting a sanitation project for a refugee camp. Help create awareness and give your donors a way to get involved.

Emails and Newsletters:

The whole point of e-communication is to give your donors a broad update of the work you’re doing and provide ways they can get involved. This Partner’s newsletter gives a partnership announcement, an update on their work, and asks for for both followers and reviews! Great work!

For a super out-of-the-box idea, this Partner developed postcards that he sent to a thousand of his donors encouraging them to follow him on DonorSee, including a QR code that took them straight to his profile!

Hopefully this provides you with some great ideas and inspiration to increase your engagement on DonorSee – and on your own social media!

As you post, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Include a link to your DonorSee project or profile 
  • Include an image, GIF, or video – ideally of one of your projects (that is visually engaging)
  • Include a clear ‘Ask’ such as “Follow our page to be the first to see our new videos” or “Please help us gain some traction by giving to one of our projects and leaving a review
  • Make it positive and exciting! 
  • Make it personal
  • Include a @DonorSee either in the post or in the comments so we can help cross-share

As always, your Partner Coordinator is there for brainstorming sessions, marketing campaigns, large project launches, and even more tips on unlocking the creative power of DonorSee. We’re here for you however you need us.

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