How to get (and keep!) new donors

DonorSee doesn’t just work to make giving easy and painless, we also decrease barriers between donors and the need. Our philosophy is, “if people could just see, they couldn’t help but do something about it.” You, our Partners, have the needs. We want to help you put your need in front of new donors in a way that drives action. Here are three ways to do that:

1. Get the need in front of an audience

Your followers on social media probably know the work you do, and may even like or share your posts once in a while, but there’s probably limited buy-in. Uploading a DonorSee video provides an immediate way to get involved that’s hard to resist. A DonorSee project is not a monthly subscription or a donate page, it’s a face and a story. Before they know it, new donors have seen the need and decided to give, and they’re so delighted by the video follow-up they want to give again! DonorSee Donors give an average of 13 times a year, and sharing on social media is one of the best ways to turn onlookers into supporters.

2. Provide new ways to get involved

Curating a “shopping experience” within your profile allows new donors to find the project that tugs most on their heart. Some people are passionate about giving to administrative needs while others may prefer an out-of-the-box idea, like surprising a girl with a guitar for her birthday. (If you need more ideas for creative projects, check out this post.) Having 10 open projects on your profile – featuring all sorts of needs, large and small – creates an abundance of opportunities for giving that can appeal to any donor.

3. Ask creatively

We know you work hard for your Donors, so we work hard to keep them yours. When a new Donor signs up via your link – or even stumbles across your profile and makes a few donations to your projects – that donor is siloed to you forever. They receive emails of your projects, your updates, and see your videos suggested to them while on the website. We never try to ‘steal’ donors over to other Partners. So don’t be afraid to ask for donors to support you on DonorSee!

There are many ways to ask that does not fatigue donors. Send an email to your network asking for them to give something so they can leave a review. Facebook message friends asking them to follow you on DonorSee. Call key supporters asking for their help kick-starting your next project. You can also put your DonorSee link in your Instagram bio, add your follow link in your newsletter, or stick a project in your email footer. Asking for Followers or for a friend to share your project post costs nothing, and is a great way to get people off the sidelines while reaching new networks. Your supporters want to help you – and DonorSee makes it easy.

It’s our job to help connect you with as many donors as possible, and you may not have to go as far as you think.

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