How to leave a review on DonorSee

Reviews are powerful indicators of trust in the DonorSee community. The more reviews a profile has, the greater its legitimacy on the platform, and the more likely new donors are to give!

As a donor, your feedback is of critical importance. Although leaving a review is purely optional, doing so is a good idea. Reviews impact the reputation and visibility of the partners we work with- by leaving feedback, you are contributing to a global community, all working together, to make the world a better place.

To leave a review, donors must 1.) Create an account with DonorSee, and 2.) Donate a minimum of $5.00 to a project of their choice. Reviews can be left within 120 days of donation. 

1. Navigate to the project you would like to support. Click on the Donate button and enter the amount you’d like to contribute in the box.

The review process itself is easy! To begin, you can:

2. Once you donate, you will be prompted to sign up if you do not already have a DonorSee account. This is a very important step. You will need to sign up before you are able to leave a review on the DonorSee platform. We’ve tried to keep this as simple as possible, so all that is required is a valid email address, and your name to complete this step!

3. Now that you have made your donation, you can scroll down the project page, and toggle over to the Review tab. The option to leave a review will now appear below the project in grey text.  Click on the text that reads “Leave a Review” and a pop up window will appear that prompts you to share your feedback with the wider DonorSee community.

And the review process is complete! Feedback like yours is crucial to ensure that DonorSee supports high quality partners and projects all over the world.

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