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Veronika Cejpkova – Partner Spotlight

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In this weeks ‘Partner Spotlight’, meet the amazing Veronika Cejpkova, with Whisper’s Hospital, who shares her passions, hopes and dreams. She also talks about the incredible work she is doing in Uganda that is saving many children’s lives.

Tell us a little about you. What inspired you personally to get involved with this work?

This may sound like a cliche or regular answer, but I have always loved people and working with them. I realized that a person can have a direct impact on a person’s spirit, it is always our decision to either break it or raise it. I felt this is something that I want to live for no matter whether I have any kind of financial gain in my life. I was always driven by having a positive impact on the people around me. Whisper’s Hospital wasn’t what I dreamed of 12 years ago, but I knew that I needed to ensure that my life positively touches people and positively impacts this world, and my actions may be some of the reason for their success. I always worked to do the best, no matter where from and who I was working for. My strength was always my intentions, the moment your intentions are good, nothing could, can and should never scare you. This is how Whisper was born, this is why we are where we are today.

Tell us about the work your organization does.

Whisper is a UK registered charity, operating in Uganda under an international NGO called Whisper, the union for child care, outreach and education. We operate a charitable children’s hospital with maternity in the Ugandan poorest region. The hospital focuses on intensive medicine involving daily admissions of critical emergencies. The hospital treats around 900-1500 patients every month, totaling to over 55,000 children receiving hospital care since March 2016. It funds 50%-100% patients medical care for children & women. We employ close to 100 full time Ugandan employees, mainly professionals with bachelor’s degrees & diploma certificates. Whisper also runs a nursery & primary school, agriculture farms and does social & medical outreach work.

Tell us about one amazing project you fundraised for on DonorSee this year.

There are so many amazing projects that we fundraised for via DonorSee, it is actually impossible to speak about only one. It goes to show that our projects are equally important, as they all directly save children’s lives.

Some of the remarkable stories are extremely sick children like new born baby Sylvia, who was having CPR’s every 30 mins for about 1 week, who spent weeks on CPAP, and who was discharged 2 months later. Or baby Mahia, who almost lost life when he became extremely malnourished, he won the battle and thanks to DonorSee we also employed his mother, so she can financially support herself and her family.

An amazing update on baby Mahia

Saving the lives of extremely premature babies born at 24 & 25 weeks, who were discharged after 2 months of intensive care, and today they are striving.

Baby Ibra, who got admitted with allergic reactions, that not only cost him almost life, but too made him blisters all over his body, affected his eyes and body organs, but we managed to overcome the challenges and he gained new skin and new life.

The incredible story of Suhaira born with sickle cell disease who could have lost her life so many times. She suffered pathological fractures, autoimmune disease, malnutrition, TB and was admitted for 6 months, and later on discharged after successful surgeries and treatment.

I could go on and on to talk about the unbelievable stories that DonorSee helped us fund. To me every single DonorSee project is worthy of every financial support and we are incredibly grateful for all the donors & DonorSee team for having such a HUGE impact on human lives for so little.

What are the key challenges you face?

The key challenges that I face always come with human beings. Human beings are the very people that want the best for their families, yet some of them happen to be the very same people who fail to use their powers to make a positive impact or right decision, when they get the opportunity.

My challenges include:

  1. Working against financial motivation –  human beings being motivated by money is what is the biggest challenge ever.
  2. Misusing religion for selfish financial gain.
  3. Corruption.
  4. Ignorance of poverty in people’s minds.
  5. Lack of specialized professionals and no or little support to make new ones.
  6. Poor education systems in Uganda produce poorly educated people.

What are your hopes and dreams for next year?

  1. To open a Nursing School that will give birth to nurses of the highest standards which will improve the quality of health care in Uganda.
  2. To be a role model to the health workers and everyone who are directly or indirectly involved in decision making that impacts human lives.
  3. To provide free ambulance services to all dying children and pregnant mothers.
  4. To get funding to begin building our own permanent children’s hospital on our 8 acres of land.

Do you have a message for the DonorSee community?

Never give up on believing in the right thing. Whoever you’re truly helping to succeed, will help you succeed too. Keep supporting the projects that really matter. Thank you for being a life-changing platform for our hospital, our employees and hundreds of patients.

Make sure you check out and give to the many projects Veronika has on DonorSee. Your gift will directly impact the life of a child in Uganda.

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