What makes DonorSee unique

There are many fundraising platforms out there. But, they are not all equal. DonorSee has three unique characteristics that help you connect with donors like never before.

DonorSee is Deeply Personal

DonorSee is deeply oriented around individual people. It’s designed for each project to feature a single named recipient. When a donor gives on DonorSee, they aren’t simply giving to your cause, they are giving to a person. When you know the name of someone in need, you are so much more compelled to give.

Giving to someone with a name creates an emotional and relational bond that helps the donor feel a deep sense of generosity. If a friend reached out for help, you are far more inclined to support them over an organization. Donors often want to feel like they are transforming the life of a single person – and they can do so through DonorSee.

While you can post projects of any size on DonorSee, the majority are below $300. This is because it often only takes a couple hundred dollars to help someone in need. This further adds to the value of DonorSee as most donors aren’t in a position to give thousands of dollars a month. The average donor on DonorSee gives 15 times a year – and they do so because they connect emotionally to the recipients.

At the core of your organization’s work, are people. Because of this, each DonorSee profile features the name of someone – and not simply the organization they represent. This further reenforces the personal nature of DonorSee. Donors learn to trust you as a person – and that type of trust is greater and more effective than the trust people give to organizations.

In addition to helping establish a personal relationship with your donors, having your account feature a person helps increase overall engagement. Whenever you post a project on DonorSee, your Followers are notified. Below is an example of a recent email from Jacob. It includes his name in 3 places and also mentions the name of the person who was helped.

Your profile can still proudly mention your organization – and should be an extension of your brand. But, rather than fight to make your organization connect with donors on a personal level, let them connect naturally with you and the people you are supporting.

DonorSee Supports Urgent Impact

With DonorSee, you can see a need in your community, film it in 30 seconds, and have it fully funded by the end of the week.

DonorSee enables you to engage with your support base like never before. In the same time it takes to upload an image to Instagram or write a Facebook post, you can share content that is deeply engaging and helps raise funds for the most urgent needs around you. Unlike other platforms where you might spend months planning, filming, editing, and finally sharing a large campaign – DonorSee is immensely immediate. Many of our Partners have used DonorSee’s active community and video first platform to successfully raise thousands of dollars within days of discovering a need.

Dr. Trish is paediatric oncologist and the CEO of Tumaini La Maisha (hope for life) Tanzania. When Covid-19 first hit, her ability to get urgent medical supplies was totally cut off. The children in her care needed help and the DonorSee community rapidly responded. We fast tracked her application and within 4 days of posting her first project, she’d raised over $3,000. She posted more projects and they were all completed in similar timelines.

Dr. Trish’s video was filmed on her cell phone in her office at the hospital. There is no fancy mic, lighting system, or rewrites to the script. It’s simply someone working in the front lines sharing an urgent need. This “one take” model deeply resonates with donors and helps you to immediately get the funds you need. (Higher quality videos are still highly encouraged!)

Other Partners have funded urgent trips to hospitals for children attacked by crocodiles – funded within hours – or have invited donors alongside their unfiltered day as they serve in their community. Donors love the feeling of immediacy and are quick to help. We’ve designed the DonorSee platform to smartly feature urgent projects which engage your followers in a way that avoids fatigue while inviting them to join you in your impactful work.

When you post follow-up videos, donors further feel the impact of your work. This feeling often causes them to visit your profile to see what else they can support. The fast cycle of generosity is one of the things that sets DonorSee apart as a fundraising and storytelling platform.

DonorSee offers Personal Support

As DonorSee has grown, we’ve intentionally invested in hiring talented Partner Coordinators. Our Partner Coordinators are here to offer you personalized advice for how to make the most out of your DonorSee profile. We are exports in digital fundraising and can help you figure out new ways to connect with your community.

Each DonorSee Partner has a designated Partner Coordinator. You can think of them as another member on your fundraising team. What sort of projects could you accomplish if you had someone on your team who knew all the tricks for connecting with 13,000 donors?

Some of our team here to help you!

As you start, we are here to help you plan you first project video, to edit your project description, or think of a great title. As you become more accustomed to the platform, we help you think through donor engagement, your fundraising goals, and what you can be doing to have an even bigger impact in your community. And, we are here as you raise your $100,000th dollar or successfully fund an audacious large project!

Our passionate and knowledgable team is here to help you. Your success is our success – and our passion.

Want to learn more about how to make the most of DonorSee? Just reach out to your Partner Coordinator or apply to become a Partner at join.donorsee.com

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