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Resources for fundraisers looking to expand their impact through DonorSee

How does Stripe Work?

This is an article to answer some common questions DonorSee Partners have about Stripe — what it is, how it works, and how to get your account set up. What is Stripe? Stripe is a digital payment processor. They are a bit like PayPal in that they help people pay and accept credit cards over …

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Tips for resuming work after lockdowns

Covid-19 lockdowns have been tough. They’ve disproportionately hurt the most vulnerable in our communities and have massively disrupted relief efforts. Each nation, community, and individual has experienced different challenges due to the lockdowns. Malawi never implemented lockdowns while other countries are still restricting activity. Some medical projects have been able to continue while other education …

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3 tip for avoiding Donor Fatigue

If you constantly ask for help, your donors can get fatigued. Donor Fatigue is most common with large needs that initially attract a lot of attention but then slowly see less donor interest – even while the problem persists. How can you help prevent Donor Fatigue?  Thankfully, DonorSee has some built in anti-fatigue tools that …

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The Best Ways To Share DonorSee

At DonorSee, we believe that we not only have a call to serve the world’s poorest but also to bring awareness to the needs of the world’s poorest. We have built several tools to help educate your friends about the most vulnerable members of our planet. These tools are often a 2-for-1. In other words, …

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